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The Backbone of Direct Sales Advertising

You can learn this trade, like any other with study and practice. The best writers in this industry are people with a variety of skills, have a hunger for life, always learning new things, thus having a treasure chest full of experience and ideas to write about! The more tools you have in your tool box the more projects you can work on.

There really is nothing new in life, the same things have been around for years,they have just changed, taken on a new form! For copywriting it is taking previous pieces of knowledge, putting them together in a format, on paper. Being able to think differently on subjects gives you the ability to write on many ideas. Knowledge is power, a big plus!

Another tool, along with experience is having knowledge of the product or service you are providing. You must come across as an expert on what you are selling to be effective. Do not lie, tell the truth, do your do diligence on your product. People will see right through you if you’re full of Bull_!

You really must know your customer, what their likes and dislikes are to trigger a positive response to your ad copy. Make it interesting enough so they will at least read it, again a little homework goes a long way! A little hint, people like to hear and read what is important to them, not someone else. (It is all about me kind of attitude.) Also write about the benefits of the product or service, instead of using features and scare tactics!

To sum it up, copywriting is the mental process of taking your knowledge and experience, transferring it in writing to sell a product or service. (Putting pen to paper) It will take time and practice but it should not be torture, make it fun and just start writing! Remember it is the back bone of any advertising method! GOOD DAY!

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