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How ‘Go Big or Go Home’ Can Create a Memorable Event

Let’s begin with a quick quiz. Can you guess what the top two smartphone brands in the world are?

If you answered Samsung and Apple, then you are correct.

However, apart from being the two top smartphone brands in the market today, Samsung and Apple have something else in common–they go all out when it comes to their product launches. 

Apple product launches in particular have become the stuff of legend. Case in point: on its launch weekend alone, the iPhone 3G sold more than a million units. In addition, the iPad also sold a staggering 300,000 plus units on its launch day.

While Steve Jobs’ marketing brilliance clearly played a role in their success (not to mention Apple’s exceptional reputation and almost cult-like following), there’s no denying going big in their product launches (and events) played a major role. 

Clearly, Apple does not take their product launchings lightly. When they launch a product, they go all out. They even go as far as closing their online store just to let people know something important is up and they need to pay close attention.

Steve Jobs also knows the value of going big during product events and launches. Word has it that he spends days (even weeks) planning and rehearsing his every gesture just to make sure he leaves everyone in attendance spellbound. 

Why going big matters

There is no denying holding an event that’s worth talking about is no easy feat. The good news is, while challenging, it can be done. If anything, your events don’t need to be as super grand as Apple’s. In the same manner, you don’t need presenters to transform themselves into the master showman Steve Jobs once was. 

What you need to do however is to make sure your events are well-thought out and well-executed. During the planning stage, don’t forget to ask yourself the following key questions: What reception would I like to generate? Who are the people I am targeting? How can I turn this brand event into something truly worth talking about? 

While organising memorable events can be both challenging and time-consuming, the benefits you stand to gain are well worth every bit of the effort. 

Event agencies in Singapore encourage brands to launch events for a variety of reasons. For starters, it allows them to be vulnerable–in a good way. In other words, brands are able to give their audience an opportunity to get to know them on an experiential level. In addition, it also gives people a glimpse of what a brand can offer and what sets it apart from the rest of the pack. 

Going grand in an event also allows brands to get to know their audience on a much deeper level. That means they go beyond the demographics and purchasing trends, they also take into account the things that trigger people to support, such as a social cause or belonging to a community.

Investing in the “fresh” factor

If you look into many of Samsung and Apple’s launch events, it is likely that you’ll discover they always present something new in their latest offerings. They either showcase a unique feature, a design tweak, a structural improvement, or an app that allows them to collaborate with other devices for certain tasks, etc. 

Both brands make sure their audiences are aware they are offering something fresh. As a brand, consider it wise to bank on this clever concept and make it work to your advantage. 

  • When Redoxon launched its latest Triple Action Formula in Singapore, it chose to dive in for a thrill via the Boost & Slide. The two-day event featured the first ever 100-meter water slide in the country and people got wet, played, and had a mighty grand time on what could have been just another hot and mundane weekend. 
  • Clementi Mall bridged generation gaps with its nostalgic kampung-themed Yesterday, Once More event. The gigantic eraser flipping game unravelled memories of Singapore’s colourful past, allowing locals and visitors, young and old, to bond and learn from each other.

Understanding the fear of missing out

People these days are scared of missing out on the newest and freshest offers from the brands they love. This explains why they pre-order the latest Samsung smartphone or iPhone way before they hit the stands, despite still having a fully-functional phone.

According to a recent study about society and social media, fear of missing out, a.k.a. FOMO, is defined as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent and is characterised by the desire to stay connected with what others are doing.” 

This phenomenon is becoming apparent especially on social media, where people develop a certain yearning to experience the same things as those they see people on Facebook or Instagram are having. 

Event agencies in Singapore have realised the value of this kind of fear and encourage businesses to use this to their benefit. Going big on your brand event creates excitement and garners social media publicity, and encourages people to make sure they don’t miss out. 

  • JTC’s Race.Eat.Play attracted crowds to watch Singapore’s first ever outdoor Soapbox Car Race, where participants assembled their soapbox cars and raced down a 3-metre high ramp to get to the finish line. Spectators may not be into soapbox cars but who wants to miss out on the fun and excitement of races?
  • Erdinger not only celebrated the well-loved Oktoberfest in Singapore; it celebrated the occasion with the Bar-Cycle, a custom-made mobile bar where people sampled Erdinger’s line of brews including the limited edition Oktoberfest brew.

In both events, people were seen taking selfies and posting pictures on their social media accounts in real-time. Many of them also tagged the location of these activities to further prove they were there. People also shared anecdotes about the experiences they had attending events as grand, creative, and memorable. 

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