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Event Marketing Via Social Buzz

The first and foremost point to be noted before employing Social Buzz to promote your event is that none of this will happen overnight. It involves a strategic process and is not just to increase attendee numbers. So, have a planned outlook and start activities at least 1-2 month prior to your event.

Basically, a three-step process can be employed to deal with event marketing:

  • Pre-event Buzz
  • During the Event Interaction
  • Post- Event Connection

Pre-event (Start the buzz and build your brand)

(i) Build a Brand
It is important to address how this event is different from the others and why people should be attending it. The most important step to establish credibility is to create a blog page for all information regarding the event. This will be the one stop place for all information and developments related to the Event.

• Make sure that you web page carries a good design. Our suggestion is to use WordPress.
• Keep your Blog Updated with information related to the event.
• Share the link of your blog to every other communication point.
• If event is regularly occurring, illustrate and showcase previous occasions’ success stories

(ii) Create Social Community
The online world is all about community creation. Do not forget that there are way too many platforms out there which can be used to massively collect people. You need a strategy to create online community. For self marketers safe ways are Facebook and Twitter. Online community helps to create a buzz and start the interaction Y cycle.

• First of all, create a Facebook page. (Earlier it was called a Fan page!)
• Make sure at least people immediately involved with the event – participants, employees, sponsors, speakers are invited
• Speakers and participants can use this page to promote themselves
• Create a Facebook event and link it to this page
• Include the fan page link in your mailers and other communication
• Provide content that will make them come back to the page. Ask them questions/ opinions/ ideas.

During Event
• Live blogging and live tweeting by your own team is a must
• Use posts, tweets and Facebook updates to keep attendees informed about keynotes, networking opportunities – basically, add value to the attendees
• Ask attendees, during the registration process, for their Twitter IDs and encourage them to follow yours for updates, information, etc.
• Encourage participants to share their experience real time – especially on Twitter. Ask them to use @ and the hashtag to keep track of the communication. Use it as a feedback mechanism
• Try to actually read and view the feedback provide on Twitter and Facebook, during the event.

Post-Event Connection – Long Term Connect
• After the event, keep the community active and still together by posting pictures, news and videos from the event. The event has provided sufficient material which can be packaged into video clips, presentations and white papers which can be used as content on the blog and other social networking platforms

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